Mechanical tee grooved


Grooved mechanical tees may be used for any tee connection where a grooved outlet is headed. They may be converted into a cross when necessary


Available sizes are DN50x32-DN200x80.

Operating pressure

20 bar. Note! Nordic Flow thin wall pipes with the maximum permissible pressure class PN16.

Material Specification

Body: Cast iron ASTM A536 65-45-12
Finish: Red paint RAL 3000 or galvanized (Dacromet)
Gasket: EPDM rubber, temperature range -34 ° C – + 110 ° C
Bolt & Nut: Lock Cap Screw, medium-carbon steel, zinc plated.

Tee gro R-300x297
Tee gro G -300x288
tee gro draw1300x161
tee gro draw2 300x141
foam_agenttee  thread