Pressurization units for sprinkler system designed according to European standard EN 12845. Modular design allows to arrange all versions expected by standard EN 12845.

The European standard EN 12845 stated that units must be set up with:
1 electrical pump
1 dieselpump
2 electrical pumps
1 electrical pump + 1 dieselpump
2 dieselpumps
1 electrical + 2 dieselpumps
3 dieselpumps

Modular booster sets are available in four versions:
– 1 KDN …. EN, composed by 1 electropump
– 1 KDN …. EN-JET, composed by 1 electropump + 1 jockey pump
– 1 KDN MD EN, composed by 1 dieselpump
– 1 KDN MD EN-JET, composed by 1 dieselpump + 1 jockey pump

All versions (booster with 2-3 pumps) can be realized with the Joint manifold kits (sold as accessory). The kit is assembled between the delivery manifolds of the two single units. Model information and dimensions can be found in the 1 KDN booster units datasheet.

Pumps (KDN)

Type: Single stage centrifugal pump
Rotation speed: 1450-2900 1/min
Operating range: From 1 to 500 m3/h with a head of up to 100 metres
Liquid temperature: -10ºC – +140ºC
Ambient temperature: max. 40ºC
Max.pressure: 16 bar (DN200 max. 10 bar)
Flanging: PN16 DIN 2533 (DN200: PN10 DIN 2532)
Installation: Normally horizontally

Technical specifications and dimensions of the pumps can be found in the KDN pumps datasheet.