Low Pressure Water Mist

Nozzles and valves of the low-pressure water mist fire protection system sold by Enexia are Danish VID Fire-kill’s products. VID Fire-Kill is an innovative developer and manufacturer of water based active fire protection components and systems. The company was founded in Denmark where all products are developed, manufactured and tested. The products have approved systems and components for almost all locations and applications.


  • Homes and institutions
  • Offices and hotels
  • Restaurants, rooms, lobbies, atriums
  • Industries and storages
  • Inheritages: Museums, churches, concert halls etc.
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Underground structures: Carparks, stations and tunnels
  • Maritime applications, approved products for all maritime applications
  • Off-shore. Approved water mist and water spray products in Bronze, Stainless steel & Titanium

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