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Welcome to Arcofire!

Our product range covers fire-fighting systems components to traditional sprinkler systems, low or high pressure water mist systems, inert or chemical gas and other special extinguishing systems.

Our industrial product range includes a complete line of grooved piping products for Fire protection systems.

Our registered trademark FIRELITE® ensures that you get the right product for the right application.

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Firelite® Sprinkler pipes

Firelite®-pipes ensure easy and safe installation. They are available from Stock Hydrooven  painted  RAL7012.  Powder coated  RAL7012; RAL3000; RAL9010; RAL9002 and Hot Dip  galvanised available on request.


Watermist System

Arcofire offers a broad and competitive range of products for low and High pressure watermist systems.


Sprinkler systems

Arcofire offers wide and competitive range of  fire suppression systems, from leading suppliers  all around the world.

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